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Ep. 9: Remembering Jean Louis Palladin & Interview with Carla Hall

Today we chat with The Chew’s Carla Hall (who happens to be one of Pascal’s former students.) Pascal also recalls some of his favorite memories of the innovative Chef Jean Louis Palladin.

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Ep. 8: Pascal’s Stories

From dinner with Salvador Dali, to spending time in the French army jail – this episode is full of some of Pascal’s best stories. (Or the ones that he can repeat.)

Ep. 7 Thanksgiving

We’ve got all your Thanksgiving dinner questions answered this week.  Lou gives us all the tips from your turkey to the pie crusts!

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Ep. 6 Champagne

Tasting stars… this week Pascal tells us all about champagne.  From the history, to production, to food pairings, we cover it all!



Ep. 5: Sugar, Fat, and Beau MacMillan

We talk about everything from sugar & fat to Yelp “critics.”  Then we sit down with Chef Beau MacMillan (Iron Chef America, Next Iron Chef, Worst Cooks in America) to discuss the issues we currently face in the restaurant industry, his humble beginnings, and the Arizona Cardinals.

Ep. 4 Service Stories & Tracy Dempsey

Bad service stories make the best stories; don’t they? We share a few of our favorites, and talk with Chef Tracy Dempsey.

Ep 3: Top 10 Best New Restaurants & Jeff Kraus

We discuss Bon Appetit’s Top 10 Best New Restaurants and sit down with Jeff Kraus from Crepe Bar.  Pascal tells us why the French don’t eat sandwiches and Lou teaches how to properly cook a piece of fish.


Ep. 2: Celebrating Michel Richard & Interview with Gio Osso

Pascal shares his favorite Michel Richard memories, and we chat with Gio Osso – Chef of Virtu Honest Craft and Nico Heirloom Kitchen.

Ep. 1 Atlas Bistro & Food Waste Solutions

Pascal, Lou, & Danielle talk about solutions to the industry problem of food waste, and we chat with Chef Cory Oppold and Jabari Corbin from Atlas Bistro.

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