Classic Cooking Academy (CCA) is a private cooking school dedicated to providing the premier professional culinary education in Arizona. CCA believes that a student must be well rounded in both the theory and techniques of cooking before applying individual interpretation to develop his or her own creative styles. Our students learn through close interaction and demonstration with instructors as they prepare to enter a variety of culinary professions or enhance their kitchen. CCA develops students with the ability to adapt to the changing culinary world in the 21st century.

Classic Cooking Academy’s European and American-trained chefs instruct students in food theory and the technical skills of food preparation. We combine classic French techniques with modern Native American sensibilities to provide a solid foundation for a culinary career. The staff at CCA has over 20 years of experience training students for the demands of the rigorous culinary world.

CCA will give the tools necessary to perform in a professional kitchen. Not only do students receive hands-on supervised training, they work independently to enhance their creativity and in groups to develop team-work concepts. The result is a graduate with a firm grasp of both basic and advanced culinary skills, theoretical knowledge, a good attitude, and technical and practical experience.

Mission Statement

  • To provide affordable and superior education, developing well rounded culinary professionals in both theory and technique of cuisine.
  • To offer specialized training based on modern technology and methods, which include health, nutrition, sustainability, food science and current trends.

Learn more at www.ccacademy.edu


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