Why Desserts Make Up Half of Our Breakfasts

Sweets have always been associated with sinful indulgence – you know you want to eat that entire platter of macarons, but you also know that you really shouldn’t. That’s why we save the most delectable desserts for the end of the day right after dinner; we treat ourselves to a quick slice of heaven after a long day of hell.

But we also treat ourselves to the same food right when we wake up for breakfast. Up until the mid 1800s, Americans ate waffles, crepes, and any other imported treats whenever they felt like it because they grouped such foods as breads.

This isn’t a phenomenon relegated strictly within our borders. Countries across the world consider a pastry to be a standard breakfast meal, though America certainly perfected this idea. We live in a country where moderation is an after-thought. Of all the first world countries, we take pride in shoveling as much sugar, food coloring, and additives down our throats – not because we want to, but because we can.

But since we’re Americans, those imported foods weren’t enough for us. Food companies began churning out cereals, toaster strudels, donuts, and other mass produced treats which inevitably convinced enough people to side with the more readily available option. It all boils down to convenience – why should people spend minutes preparing eggs, bacon, and toast when they could have three donuts in a fraction of that time?

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