The French Cook – Cleanliness in the Kitchen

“Great cleanliness is requisite in the utensils you make use of: entrust to no one but yourself the examination of the copper utensils of the kitchen, which are very dangerous. Every time you use a stew-pan or other utensil, see that it has been well scoured and cleaned. The scullery-maids scour the outside of their coppers, and scarcely ever give themselves the trouble to clean the inside; from which circumstance it will happen that the taste will be entirely spoiled, and the persons who eat what has been cooked in dirty vessels, are often exposed to colics and other maladies, without knowing the cause of them.”


Ude, Louis Eustache. Advice to Cooks. The French Cook. New York: Arco, 1978. Xxi. Print.

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