The French Cook – What Is “Cookery?”

“Cookery is an art appreciated by only a very few individuals, an art which requires, in addition to a most diligent and studious application, no small share of intellect, and the strictest sobriety and punctuality; without the latter, the very best Cook is unavoidably deficient in the delicacies of his profession: there are cooks, and cooks, as there are painters, and painters: the difficulty lies in finding the perfect one; nor does the Author fear the charge of extravagance when affirming that, to an individual of a ranking in the higher circles, the acquisition of a good cook ought to be a subject of as much satisfaction as the possession of any other means by which gratification is conveyed to the tasteful or luxurious.”

Ude, Louis Eustache. Preface. The French Cook. New York: Arco, 1978. Vi. Print.

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