I was astonished to read an article lately on America’s obesity epidemic. Who would have thought that our country has fueled a boom in expensive weight-loss surgery, extra-wide hospital beds and super-sized grave plots?   

I am not an expert on the subject but feel the need to share my thoughts on the obesity crisis.  As an owner of a cooking school I firmly believe in our motto: We Are What We Eat.   Evidentially, there is need to make healthier choices with our diets.

One subject I have wanted to share as it is now in the spotlight – Sugar is the New Food Villain. For years fat and cholesterol were believed to be the culprits. Now a number of nutritionists are pointing their fingers at sugar as the problem. Just look at the consumption of sugar in America’s diets at overwhelming rates. Sugar is everywhere and most concerning, sugar becomes addictive.

My recommendation for a healthier life is to limit your sugar intake and avoid processed foods.

Donna Dionot