Poems – Ode to Brie and Camembert

Brie and Camembert, what a formidable pair
Without which we would quite despair!

You are as royal sisters, sharing a similar story;
One illustrious and proud, and quite deserving of great glory.

Within the vast world of cheese
Your delightful duo aims to please.

And please us you certainly have, for hundreds of years,
The mere mention of your names being music to our ears.

We are in good company, as you have been favored by French Kings and other royalty,
Charlemagne, Napoleon, among the many seduced by your texture so velvety.

Yes, you have long had regal fans, though your roots trace back to the farm,
Where dairymen have long toiled to make you, under the spell of your charms.

We have the French cows to thank for their beautiful milk
Which produces a fromage of unsurpassable ilk.

But the French are not alone in their loyal appreciation of your worth,
No, the fame has crossed all national boundaries and you are now found in any situation of great mirth.

If celebrating some occasion, we would no doubt rejoice with some Brie or Camembert,
Along with champagne perhaps, and so we find you at the swankiest of affairs.

You offer innumerable varieties – beware not to overwhelm us!
We sometimes feel that we need to take a head count and conduct our very own census!

Do we buy Brie de Melun, de Meaux, de Montereau or de Coulommiers?
Or do we purchase Brie not all, but rather a milder, more subtle Camembert?

Still we are faced with an abundance of choices, and narrowing it down is not so easy,
Though we can rest assured we will get top-notch quality when choosing Camembert de Normandie.

We may enjoy you with a selection of wine or an array of fresh fruit after dinner.
Yes, you enthrall our picky palates, but with your high fat content you do not help make us thinner!

But we can forgive you the calories since we dare not overindulge and risk taking you two for granted
For in our minds, Brie and Camembert, in first place will you forever be firmly planted.

Written by Sarah Schuler
Former student of Pascal Dionot

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